Win More, Pitch Less!

Mastering The Art of The Pitch with Beckon’s Bespoke Workshop

Understanding the pitch process (content and delivery) is crucial for tailoring your approach and increasing your chances of success. But, from making the right impression from the outset to positioning your agency as the perfect solution to your ideal client’s needs, are you 100% clear on the steps you need to take, to effectively attract and pitch to prospective clients?


Imagine having the ‘inside scoop’ on the priorities, challenges and decision-making processes involved in pitching so you can understand:



  • The key ‘hooks and barriers’ that influence clients when selecting a marketing or creative agency.
  • What’s considered good practice when making cold contact with a CMO
  • The top sources a CMO will use for shortlisting potential agencies


Combatting that perpetual ‘conveyor belt’ feeling of pitching to clients without success to set yourself up for success means getting inside the minds of your potential clients, to understand the main triggers for a pitch process and know what truly drives their decision-making process.


With new business expertise from both client and agency side, as well as senior intermediaries and CMOs – our team knows all too well the challenges agencies face when it comes to winning new business. To make the process as simple as possible, we want to equip senior leadership and new business teams with the tools and knowledge to win more pitches and spend less time chasing leads.

Inside the Mind of a CMO

New for 2024, our bespoke workshops are led by Amy Bott, ex-Gymshark and Snug marketing heavyweight. Through a combination of interactive discussions, practical exercises and real-life examples of new business challenges and the pitch process, Amy will help you refine the key strategies and tactics to secure a pitch opportunity, drive growth and truly stand out in a competitive market.


Whether you’re struggling with cold outreach, understanding client priorities or looking to hone your pitch delivery, contact us today to learn more about our workshop and how it can benefit your team, give your pitching strategies the competitive edge – and win more business.


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