Why Brand should be your priority

Your brand is your biggest asset

We’re bombarded at this time of year with well-meaning advice about re-setting, resolving – and let’s not forget – sharpening those all-important pencils. In my opinion, though, now is the ideal time to evaluate and re-assess the most fundamental aspect of any agency: your brand.

Along with your clients, people and culture, your brand is your biggest asset – yet you’d be surprised how even the most successful agencies often neglect it.

To be clear, we’re not referring to your logo or your company name here. Your brand is your very essence and foundation, your DNA, the blueprint of what you stand for. Your brand strategy and identity how you interact with the world – from clients to employees.

3 ways your brand will kickstart your new business pipeline:
1. Loyalty – “Look at your brand from the customer’s perspective, not the other way round” – suggests branding expert, Mark Ritson. The main reason you need a brand story, whether you’re a B2B/B2C agency is for existing and prospective clients to identify with you and understand who you are within the market.
2. Sales – Strong and effective branding helps to increase sales revenue and allows your client base and potential clients to identify with your brand quicker and easier.
3. Awareness – Building a unique and inspiring brand will attract word-of-mouth referrals. Being brave and distinctive gives you a competitive advantage by differentiating you from others, providing opportunities to showcase your business to a new audience.
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