Uncovering your brand’s ‘Why, What & How’

Building a brand delivers the long-term business growth you need.

One of the key challenges Beckon sets out to address is how clients can grow and build a brand in a sustainable way whilst maintaining their core values.

If you’re coming at new business from the angle of “how many prospective or creds meetings can I squeeze out of my new business team?” – my advice is to think again. Building a robust brand on which to base your new business pipelines is a long game but worth every minute.

So, what do we mean by brand?

Jeff Bezos is quoted as saying “Your brand is what someone says about you once you leave the room.” Sounds simple, but when you’re not an Amazon, an Apple, or a Nike, it can be hard (impossible even) to dedicate enough money, time and energy to work consistently on your brand. In the current climate, it’s even tougher, with many businesses struggling to know whether to focus on building a strong brand for the future or on driving day-to-day sales.

However, brand-building is a vital part of the (long-term) lead generation journey, helping to build trust between an agency and its potential customers or leads. Few businesses look ahead to a three to four year horizon, focusing instead on one year at a time. And within that short time frame, you can’t expect sustainable growth.

At Beckon, we get under the skin of agencies and work closely with their senior leadership teams to explore, uncover or refresh their purpose. It’s only when you fully understand your ‘why’ that you can really create a meaningful marketing-led new business plan with a long-term pipeline.

Uncovering your Why, What & How

Brand forms the foundation of any successful marketing plan and lead generation strategy. It contributes to increased visibility while also boosting credibility. Getting your brand right and really establishing who you are will attract the right customers, yet you’d be surprised how many consultancies out there are quick to make false promises before addressing these fundamental questions:

  1. Why do you do what you do? Are you clear on your core beliefs and purpose? Your brand’s ‘why’ shouldn’t be pie in the sky. Is it fit for purpose? Is it realistic, genuine and represent what you stand for?

  2. What do you offer clients? What are your brand values and attributes? Why do clients work with you and are they clear on the products or services you offer? Do your existing clients understand you and buy that from you?

  3. How do you deliver for them? What sets you apart from your competitors? What do you want to be remembered for?

If you’d like to find out more about the simple process Beckon has developed to uncover the ‘Why, What and How’ quickly – providing clients with the solid foundation for their marketing-led new business program, contact Emma Thwaite, for an exploratory chat – and don’t forget to follow our news and updates on LinkedIn.