The beating heart of your new business strategy – is you.

At Beckon, we know that human engagement is the (not so) secret sauce that is fundamental to fuelling meaningful connections, fostering loyalty and driving long-term growth in your business.

Measuring new business success goes beyond revenue KPIs and marketing metrics. It’s building strong, long-term relationships with both your clients and people that will give you the strategic advantage to take you through the tough times and give your agency the competitive edge in a crowded market. Here’s how:


  • While AI and other automations drive efficiency and innovation, technology doesn’t build those all-important client relationships based on trust and empathy, nor does it help you to truly understand what challenges they face, what trends you’re seeing in their world and what keeps them awake at night; that takes a real human!


  • As an agency, you’ve built a team of talented people who thrive on originality, driving innovation and creativity. You work hard to create a positive culture that attracts and retains that top talent, who feel valued, respected and connected to the purpose of the agency. Actively engaging with other clients and industry professionals will give you the valuable insights and diverse perspectives you need to win the ‘dream client’.


  • Whether it’s through emails, newsletters or some other route, you can attract the right clients and build valuable relationships with value-based, human-focused content to engage with them and get noticed. Don’t be tempted to rely on Chat GPT; instead use real language when talking to prospects about your offering. Be human. Speak in plain English. Exploit your agency tone of voice and be true to your brand.

Beckon partners with – and becomes an intrinsic part of our client’s marketing team – using our trusted marketing-led new business strategy to build a weighted pipeline designed to attract the right sort of clients with the right level of engagement.

We combine human-focused, marketing-led expertise so you can benefit from real, positive engagement with clients and, most importantly, make a difference to their business.

If you’re currently experiencing a new business talent gap, find out about working with Beckon, as a strategic consultancy or on-going hands-on day-to-day delivery. Contact Emma here for an exploratory chat – and don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn.