Support in tough times

7 ways a consultancy will support you in tough times

Now, more than ever, agencies demand a grown up, considered, bespoke approach to their new business strategy. As it becomes harder to reach buyers, a ‘cookie cutter’ method is lazy, transactional and frankly, outdated. After all, no two clients are the same, so why use the same approach for each?

As a marketing-led new business consultancy we know that at the heart of every successful new business strategy is client engagement that is that is value-based and results-driven, underpinned by that all-important human touch. Not cookie-cutter, not AI – just human.

CEOs often crucially neglect to ask existing clients what they love about working together, what benefits they get from their partnership – and by doing so risk creating a potential gap between their existing clients and their ideal clients. The Beckon way is to help you create your own destiny, to be in control of your future by only talking to prospects you actually want to transact with and being crystal clear on what you do best.

Starting with an in -depth audit of your top clients we uncover how they perceive you as an agency and what they love about working with you. This prequalification forms the first step to creating a weighted new business pipeline.

Asking questions is a skill; listening is an art. And that’s where using a new business specialist is a game-changer. Because when you’re busy focusing on the here and now of busy agency life, a consultancy will partner with you to:

  1. Look at your current mix of clients and identify the type of work you’d like to replicate
  2. Bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to help identify untapped opportunities and develop effective strategies to reach them
  3. Bring in the right sales and marketing expertise and experience to help you generate new leads
  4. Help you build and strengthen your relationships with existing clients
  5. Create compelling content and messaging, identifying the best channels to reach your target audience
  6. Develop effective pitching best practice and win more
  7. Provide valuable insights and advice on market trends, competitor analysis, and industry best practices

Ongoing economic uncertainty is making competition for new clients tougher than ever – as such, your proposition and your strategy need to be sharper than ever. If you want to talk through some of these ideas and how they can help with your business please get in touch – Contact Beckon