Prioritising a Marketing-Led Approach to New Business in 2024 and Beyond.

Today’s agency leaders are faced by a transformative shift where the traditional sales-led approach to new business is making room for a more strategic and customer-centric counterpart: the marketing-led new business model.

Beckon’s Marketing & New Business Specialist, Emily Metcalfe, has worked both client-side and within new business departments and intuitively understands the needs and the challenges faced by global network and independent agencies. In our latest blog, she explains the importance of understanding the shift towards a marketing-led new business model – and how its implications are crucial for staying ahead in an increasingly competitive market.


Decoding Marketing-Led New Business


Moving away from the traditional sales-driven approach, a marketing-led new business model instead starts with a thorough understanding of the value your business offers and crafting compelling narratives that resonate with a brand audience:


“Rather than simply casting a wide net and hoping to catch potential clients, it means thinking more deeply about the value you offer, asking how you can solve a problem for a particular audience and then demonstrating that through various marketing tactics. It’s about bringing the right potential clients to you, rather than going after anyone and everyone – and hoping you ‘land’ some of the right people.


Commitment, Consistency and Capacity for Marketing-Led Success


To fully embrace a marketing-led approach requires a cultural shift.  New business should be seen as part of the everyday running of the agency, with new business activities integrated into the very fabric of your daily operations:


“Every message, email or newsletter you put out, every relationship you build should be seen as a marketing opportunity and should represent what you are about and your skills. This requires a fundamental shared responsibility that encourages everyone to feel part of the growth, not a siloed function that operates on its own delivering unqualified leads.”


And while the benefits of a marketing-led approach are substantial, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution:


To truly reap rewards, agencies should have the capacity to be dedicate to their marketing efforts – consistently. This requires a company-wide commitment to ongoing strategic initiatives and the right resources in place for their implementation.


 In-House New Business: the loneliest job ever?


Agency new business roles are notoriously isolating, even more so during economic uncertainty, so don’t be afraid to share the load and seek outside support:


“Sadly, there’s no magic wand to make clients give you a new brief. Instead, be open and honest about what’s working and what’s not, keep a steady drumbeat of your core activity but also be open to trying new tactics and asking for support.”


Building Awareness of Pipeline Value


Transparency is key to instilling a culture of awareness around the value of building a marketing-led new business pipeline:


“Share financial targets with the whole company, explain what they will mean for the team and how they translate into benefits, such as agency growth or promotions. This will help everyone to truly understand the collective impact of a successful new business marketing-led strategy.”


The shift towards a marketing-led approach to new business demands a cultural shift, consistency, and a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the market. With the right tools, strategies and support, agency leaders and brand owners can navigate these changes and position their organisations for sustained success.


Get in touch to find out how we work with ambitious agencies to implement and embed a sustainable marketing-led new business strategy, drawing the right prospects to them through their long-term strategy.