Pitching for Success. Love it or hate it, here’s what we tell our agency clients.

Fulfilling and exciting or challenging and costly? Agency pitches are like Marmite and anyone who’s worked with Beckon will know how passionate we are about making the process as valuable, fruitful and – dare I say it – enjoyable as possible.

Here’s what we tell our agency clients:

  • Everything starts with a good client brief so be open to a collaborative process. Look beyond the brief and get to know the clients, adding value at all touchpoints.


  • Keep the conversation flowing. Show curiosity, connect with the client and speak their language. Understand their role and what drives them.


  • Having mutual respect will help you uncover the mutual benefit. How can you complement them and not fight against them?


  • Make sure you have ongoing interaction and don’t waste time, waiting for the ‘big reveal’.


  • Always use the IPA to register your pitch document to deter a client taking your ideas and implementing themselves. It’s your IP and you should protect it.


  • At Beckon we encourage all our agencies to sign up to the Pitch Positive Pledge – it doesn’t mean that some clients won’t behave badly but it does help to prequalify leads.


  • Trust is essential, so listen to your gut instinct and talk openly with the client. Reach out to fellow agencies and find out if the client is sound and trustworthy. Don’t be afraid to ask them about their experience.


  • It’s not rocket science. Agencies who get close to clients and really understand their drivers will succeed. Think about your network outside your agency who can support you on the pitch. Getting close to a sector/audience/business in a short space of time can be hard – seek experts to help you: ex clients, consultants, pitch doctors – you don’t know what you don’t know.


Good luck – and if we can help at any stage of your new business pipeline, please get in touch.


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