How do you solve a problem like… establishing an agency brand?

Advertisers prioritise brand distinctiveness so consumers can quickly and easily recognise them - and so too must agencies.


Your brand is your very ‘reason for being’ it is your work and your people, it’s the single biggest asset of any agency.Establishing an agency brand is a huge opportunity. Or at least it should be. So why do so many agencies neglect it? It goes far beyond having a distinctive logo, colour palette or tagline; it’s about finding the reason you exist and what you stand for and agencies need to have absolute clarity on that. Only then will you become easily identifiable and stand out from the competition. With agency staff in the UK increasing by almost a fifth year-on-year, having a strong brand has never been more important. Marketing professor and advocate for brand distinctiveness, Mark Ritson, argues that marketers should focus less on differentiation, which he believes is often fleeting and hard to achieve, and more on distinctiveness, which can provide a lasting competitive advantage.

After all, why should a client care about your business over your competitors? You want to motivate and inspire advertisers to engage with you, to galvanise and nurture your people. To do that, your brand must be relevant and authentic, reflecting the true values and purpose of your work and your people.

What about political instability, inflation, evolving consumer expectations – the list of current challenges goes on… Ritson also maintains that long-term brand-building advertising has a significant impact on short-term sales and should absolutely not stop during recessionary times.

Beckon Founder, Emma Thwaite, explains:

“If you are coming at new business from the angle of how many credentials meetings you can get out of your new business team, think again. Too many consultancies are promising agencies new business pipelines with briefs and pitches, before the fundamentals have even been talked about. Clients want smart partners who will out think their competiton, connect with clients with consumers on a deep level and really drive the growth of brands.”

Why, What, How

Beckon has developed a simple process, working with agencies to quickly and effectively develop distinctive brand positioning. We believe this is the foundation for any marketing led new business programme. The work starts with uncovering or refreshing their ‘Why, What, How’:

  • Why do clients appoint you?
  • What are you delivering for them that makes you different? Does it stand up, is it true?
  • How are you doing that successfully? Show me some tangible results.

“Finding your unique place in the market means not trying to be all things to all people. Be known for good quality work that delivers. Create a company of brand ambassadors who are equipped with the tools to communicate everything you do, from thought leadership and creative work, new hires and new business wins. Emma continues.

Agencies can’t afford to stand still; they must prioritise investment in their brand to ensure long-term success. A brand audit can help to clarify what you have, what you need and how you’re perceived by stakeholders. From there, you can identify opportunities to create new assets or strengthen existing ones.

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