Pitching for success the Beckon way

Pitching for success the Beckon way

The pursuit of a new client is one of the most fulfilling and challenging aspects of agency life; yet, as pitches become ever-more expensive and complex, the cost versus conversion rate often doesn’t stack up in the agency’s favour.

The ultimate ‘make-or-break-it’ factor for successfully landing a new client, the pitch is an opportunity to showcase capabilities; its aim is to lay the foundations for a long-term, sustainable relationship, producing new opportunities and innovative ideas that drive results, strengthen brands and boost commercial reputations.

A ‘good pitch’ is about finding the right talent, chemistry, shared values and culture within an agency – no mean feat, especially for a busy marketing department – and in today’s fiercely competitive industry, investing in the pitch process leaves no room for complacency.

We partner with successful, independently owned agency founder/owners and C-suite decision-makers, with some of the most talented creative teams and a proven track record in winning new business. But of course, even agencies with a strong understanding of what it takes to create effective, well-crafted, commercially successful brand campaigns may not get every pitch across the line – in fact, the chances of winning every time are negligible.

So, how do we help clients improve their chances of success?

Deconstructing the brief

With a typical marketing brief passing through many hands before even reaching the agency and with an unswerving requirement for agency and key client stakeholder alignment, we have developed an in-house framework designed to ‘go beyond the brief’. This involves pushing (and supporting) agencies to get under the skin of the task at hand, to develop a deeper understanding of clients by addressing their business challenges, both strategically and from a human perspective.

By doing this, Beckon facilitates opportunities for meaningful, constructive conversations, our clients demonstrate commitment, empathy and acumen – and it means we can catch any red flags before they manifest into a problem which may risk losing the business.

Bespoke workshop training for your team

Through bespoke workshop training to clients – from board and senior leadership management level to junior teams – we give them the competitive advantage, to win more pitches, more often.

We use a variety of KPIs, including analysing pitch performance, generating insights and providing actionable recommendations for maximum conversion and success, to develop an effective marketing-led new business strategy to move client conversations past results and into more meaningful strategic territory.

It’s hard work – but not as hard as losing your ideal client.

If you’d like to find out how we can take your pitch process ‘beyond the brief’, contact Emma and the Beckon team here.

NB: A final note worth mentioning is something very good that has come out of the pandemic: the Pitch Positive Pledge. Designed to transform pitching, making it intentional, accountable and more effective, it helps both clients and agencies enhance the existing pitch process by focusing on behaviours to improve mental health, cause less wastage and reduce costs.