Creating targeted email campaigns to drive new business

Too many agencies churn out generic sales emails without selling themselves as the highly effective experts they are.

We believe that every piece of communication sent out by clients should be tailored, relevant and offer something of value.

When we work with clients to draw new prospects to them, email campaigns are an essential part of the overall marketing armoury that we build as we create their powerful new business machine.

With 25 years’ experience working with businesses to use marketing to deliver long term growth,  we’ve learned a thing or two about what works – and what doesn’t. One thing we do know though – is that every piece of communication that a client sends out should be tailored, relevant and offer something of value.

Sounds simple, right? Yet, it’s amazing how easy it is to get it wrong and a straightforward email campaign can, at best, be a waste of money and time – and at worst, damage your reputation.

Talking is the only surefire way to win new business.

At Beckon, we’re always learning and we know from experience how useful it is to find out from prospects about what triggered a response to a particular campaign as this can really help with sector or persona targeting.

But, while the email marketing channel needs to be considered and targeted, be careful not to over think it. Having an email marketing outreach program in place that can be modified over time is better than having none at all. Talking is better than not talking. After all, that’s the only surefire way to win new business.

As you start to consider your next email marketing campaign, here are three core principles to bear in mind:

  1. Test and learn. Research your audience & tailor your approach

AB test to see what works for your audience, taking into account:

  • Subject lines
  • Time of day, day of week
  • Content, links, or embedded content such as video.

Open rates are a magical source of information with this ‘test and learn’ mentality. Privacy issues mean that open rates will be affected by bots, but if you AB test on your emails, especially your subject line, you can really see from your open rates what is working best.

Subject lines matter too; every time you hit send on a campaign you should be testing. Giving up on the opportunity to test is waste of exposure. You spend so long on the content of the email the subject lines are often an afterthought written in minutes. Spend more time on them. The smallest thing can have the biggest impact on performance.

  1. Relevance

You’ve spent a long time considering your content and offering something of value, so of course you want it to be as relevant as possible to your audience. So don’t treat your database as one population. Use segmentation to your advantage and only send targeted content to relevant people who want to read it. Being specific with your content and using segmentation leads to better communication.

  1. Have a human call to action.

Click to register, download the white paper etc…Not only does it sounds boring, it doesn’t appear to add value. What’s in it for the recipient? Speak to them in human language: use ‘watch now’ instead of ‘download’, ‘save your seat’ instead of ‘register for the event’. Focus on the client, don’t talk like a robot, exploit your agency tone of voice and, above all, be true to your brand.

Use the subject line tell them reader who the content is for and be specific. The reader needs to feel that your content is essential for their roles. Personalisation is about being specific and making the reader feel that the content is directed at them.

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