Building Client Relationships that drive long term growth

New Business activities rarely net immediate results. Fact

Facing the challenges of evolving client needs and fierce competition, it’s easy to see why agencies struggle to see the point of investing time, effort and budget in activities with a longer-term payoff. But when it comes to implementing a marketing-led strategy to build client relationships that drive long-term growth, sadly, there’s no silver bullet.


A sustainable new business pipeline isn’t just about securing a handful of quick wins; it’s about lasting connections that stand the test of time, and, at Beckon, we understand that real growth comes from nurturing these relationships. When agencies approach us asking the impossible (ie. wanting to do outreach to drive growth quickly) we know they are not the right partner for us.

Who, What, Why

Instead, we believe in reciprocity and the importance of aligning with agencies who share our commitment to long-term planning. That process (and it is a process) starts by getting under the skin of the agency. We invest time upfront in truly understanding their essence -their values, offerings and target clientele. By uncovering their ‘who, what and why’, we can clear the way for authentic, resonant messaging that attracts the right clients.


Playing the long game

Central to what we do at Beckon is the concept of defining the ideal client persona:

  • Who are you best suited to serve, and why?
  • Does your ideal client know you exist?
  • Are they aware of your brand and your services?
  • Do you they know your work or your people?


Only when you’ve identified your ideal client and really explored what they need from an agency, will you know how to talk perspective clients.

Be Bold, Be Visible, Be Relevant



By showing them that you have solved similar business issues, you are offering the client ‘hope’ that you are the right partner. Now they will begin to trust you – and once they can see you’re credible, it will be easier to contract with you.

Demonstrate how you’ve overcome similar challenges; sharing proof points, success stories, testimonials and case studies provides reassurance and build trust in your capabilities. Then, when they are ready for to brief you or pitch, you’ll be at the top of their list: they trust you, they know what you are good at and they know how you can help.

Beckon Founder, Emma Thwaite, explains:

Clients aren’t out there, just waiting for you. In fact, most clients will already have long term partners. By looking for any small weaknesses in that relationship – the ‘chink in the armour’ if you like – you can step in and grow the relationship, offering them opinion, guidance and support – and become their new long-term partner.”



Consistent Communication

Of course, building a relationship doesn’t stop at awareness. It requires consistent, relevant engagement that demonstrates your understanding of the client’s needs and showcases your ability to address them effectively. The path to success/growth is not always linear or immediate (think Google’s ‘Messy Middle’ model) – your sales funnel has to be bespoke to your business and your process – and many marketing activities yield results only after sustained effort and investment.

The Drum* recently reported that a huge 65% of marketing content isn’t even used by the sales team and therefore will never deliver any return. Either the content is not relevant or – worse still, it’s being created and never sent down the funnel to be leveraged by their marketing teams. What a waste!


As disheartening as that might sound, your new business pipeline cannot be rushed or forced; building relationships to set you up for the long term can even takes time (sometimes, years). But with patience and perseverance, the dividends are often substantial, especially in an industry where differentiation and reputation are king.



Relationship Building


Building trust in the sales cycle is essential for establishing strong, enduring relationships with clients and success hinges on consistency, relevance and a strategic long-term outlook:


DON’T: Rely on easy-to-measure metrics

DO: Focus on meaningful business outcomes and invest in authentic connection

DON’T: Underestimate the importance of personalised interactions for earning trust*

DO: Deliver value over time and prioritise activities that build brand equity.


Of the businesses we work with, those who understand that growth comes from long term relationship building are the most successful.


If you’re looking to re-think your approach to new business and create sustainable long-term growth, get in touch drop us an email on  or give us a call on the number below.


*Following a study by Forrester.