Agency Life: what 20+ years in the industry has taught me.

Working with clients as they try to navigate the agency world, I spend a lot of time pondering what’s changed in the 20+ years since I started in the industry, what’s working and what’s not…

Have a read and feel free to leave a comment – I’d love to hear if you agree/disagree.

  • Too many agencies are chasing too few client briefs. Resist being ‘all things to all people’ and clearly define your ‘who what why’. Finding your value proposition and making it client benefit led is essential.
  • While big network agencies have become more ‘generalist’, we’re now seeing smaller independents stepping into the specialist role, offering a distinct and more bespoke service to a client – more of a business partner role than just a supplier.
  • Be consistent in your messaging. Be known for something and find your tone of voice. It’s doesn’t have to be complicated so don’t over think it. It will evolve over time but be consistent


  • Clients are looking for capabilities, talent and culture. Get your voice heard, share your work and raise the profile of your people.


  • Think small. You’re looking for incremental gains, tiny insights that allow you to get closer to prospective clients. A simple conversation can lead to an opportunity to meet and share what you do as an agency and how you can benefit them. In the early stages, you’re there to offer value and build the relationship – not just hunt for the brief.
  • Don’t get hung up on data. Sure, it helps us target new business opportunities, but you need to connect the dots within the data – and for that, you need senior, experienced marketing and new business experts.


We are always learning, so what would you add to the list?


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